Friday, May 11, 2012

The Year of the Plague (19??)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Horma's first historical horror film.

Very avant-garde.

Okay, so The Year of the Plague (still no credits and no date of release) is about a young physician in the city of London during the year of 1666. Yes, it's the Great Plague of London and our young doctor, Doctor Beakman, is in the middle of it all, trying to help as many patients as he can.

Unfortunately, for our young doc, all of his patients keep dying on him. Probably because they are infected with the Black Death. He becomes troubled, knowing that he can do nothing to help these people, and goes into something of an existential crisis.

And then Horma brings out it's normal weirdness: the Doc starts hearing a rumor that the plague was caused, not by rats or fleas, but by a man walking the streets of London. A man dressed as a plague doctor, robe and beak mask and everything. The rumor goes that this man chooses who is infected and who is not and the people living on the streets gain his favor by carving a straight line and a squiggly line into their bodies.

Our heroic doctor then goes out to discover this spreading of disease, first to disprove it and then when he actually sees this other plague doctor, to stop him.

And then the weird gets weirder. Beakman follows the other plague doctor back to the ruins of some castle and then we see Beakman go into the castle and then, after a few minutes where we hear nothing, he exits looking completely insane. We never see or know what happens to him.

After he escapes the castle, he runs through the streets of London, diseased people surrounding him, and finally reaches his house. When he goes inside, however, he finds the other plague doctor waiting for him.

And that's where it ends. No resolution whatsoever. I know it's supposed to be kind of a rip-off of The Seventh Seal (and believe me, it looks like it sometimes), but even that had an ending with a point. This one just...ends. No credits, just blackness.

Oh well, at least it was creepy. Moving on.

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