Saturday, May 5, 2012

Night Whispers (19??)

Well, this one was good and creepy. I liked it.

Night Whispers (again, no credits, no date listed) starts with our main character, James Hunter, dying. Like a classic noir film, he then narrates how he got to this moment in time and what happened:

In the beginning, James met a young lady and proceeded to court her. This part is mainly backstory and exposition until the point in time when he finds the young lady dead, with red gashes on her arm. He refuses to believe that she killed herself and instead tries to figure out who killed her. Up until this point, it looks like it's going to be a classic revenge tale.

And then James wakes up one night and looks outside and sees some...thing. It's not a man, not a dog. It's completely white, with long knife-like claws, and it just looks at him with these completely black eyes. And he knows that this is the thing that killed his girlfriend. And it freaks him the hell out.

He soon gets over it and starts preparing to find and kill the thing. He even buys a shotgun. Yeah, this isn't a normal horror protagonist - he comes prepared.

He starts following the trail of "suicides" that the thing leaves. Finally, he meets a survivor of the thing, another young woman who tells James that the thing doesn't actually kill its victims - instead, it "whispers" to them, driving them to the brink of insanity until they kill themselves. So James's girlfriend really did kill herself.

James is still determined to find and kill this thing, so he sets a trap for it. He puts himself to sleep and then gets the young woman to call him at a specific time to wake him up. When he does wake up, there is the thing sitting at the edge of his bed, just waiting for him. It opens its mouth and starts whispering - at which point, unfortunately, the movie spazzes out and just becomes static.

When the static goes away, James is shooting the thing with the shotgun. He keeps pumping lead into it until it stops moving. James, finally free of the thing, starts walking outside, but collapses. It turns out that the whispers did affect him and he has stabbed himself and is now bleeding out.

As the movie ends, James says that he knows he is going to die, but is glad that he finally killed the thing before it caused more deaths. As James's breath slows down and his eyesight blurs, however, the thing moves past him - it's still alive. It smiles at James as he dies and then leaves.

I liked this one more than the past two. It was bleak, yes, but that was the point. And whatever that thing was, it looked so creepy.

And now onto the next. Onward!

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