Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Boy Who Was Cold (19??)

Okay, these films not only don't have any credits, they don't even have the dates when they were released. Perhaps they were never released theatrically? Too bad the internet doesn't have any information (oh internet, you have finally failed me).

Alright, the first movie on this list is what looks, at first glance, to be an Omen / Bad Seed knockoff. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Boy Who Was Cold starts off with a little kid and his brother are playing on a frozen lake. We can already guess what's going to happen from the title: the frozen lake cracks, one of the boys falls in and dies.

Cut to: fifteen years later. The boy's brother, whose name is Tav, is now an adult. He is haunted by what happened fifteen years prior, but is determined to go to college and live his life. 

From here on, it goes like a standard horror film: various creepy happenings, Tav catches glimpses of a frozen little boy, thinks it's the ghost of his brother, et cetera. Tav starts investigating and even gets his own Girl Friday in Agnes, a feisty fellow student. Various other characters are found frozen to death, blah blah, standard horror tropes.

And then something strange happens. Tav tries to discuss what happened with his mother, but his mother insists that he never had a brother. It was Tav himself who fell into the frozen lake and was almost dead when he was pulled out. His mother says that he went out on the frozen lake because he was "looking for the cold boy."

Tav suddenly remembers what actually happened: there was another kid, but it wasn't his brother. It was some...thing that looked like a child and pulled him under the ice. This is the thing that has been showing up and killing people. Tav believes that this is just a manifestation of his loneliness and once he confronts it, it will go away.

He goes to confront the "cold boy," but all we see is him opening a door and walking into a world of snow and ice. The movie ends with his walking forward and shivering. It's...very surreal.

I actually like the twist on this one. The opening scene is actually from Tav's memories, so we are treated to a true unreliable narrator. Even at the end, we don't know how much of what Tav has told the audience is true or not. The ending, however, left a lot to be desired. There's no confrontation with the "cold boy," just Tav walking through the cold and lonely streets.

Oh well. Onto the next film!

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