Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bad News

The place where I get cheap DVDs -- a used bookstore -- is actually going out of business. Next week, they will be closed and I will have to either order DVDs through the internet or get them through, ahem, less then legal means.

This kind of sucks. I mean, not just because of the DVD thing, but because I genuinely liked that used bookstore. The owner was nice to me and I always picked up a few paperbacks as well as a DVD.

He did show me his collection of all the "Horma Studios" films and gave me a really good offer on them. I asked where he had bought them since I couldn't even find them on the internet and he sheepishly said that he had mistakenly ordered them from an infomercial. Apparently, while intoxicated one night, he had flipped through channels and become entranced by an infomercial selling the "complete Horma collection on DVD" and he had called the number and bought them. He couldn't remember what channel it was or what faded actor or actress was in the infomercial, but he admitted that he had also never watched any of the DVDs (he's not a big horror fan).

So I accepted his offer and bought them. I'm sad that the store's closing, but at least I have plenty of new material to review for this blog.

Let's hope it's actually good, shall we?

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