Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Slender Man (1968)

Here's an interesting B movie I found just a few days ago.

The Slender Man starring "Jordan Dooling" as the titular character. What's weird is that there is no director listed and I can't seem to find any of the actors on IMDb. I guess they didn't want this movie on their resume, so they all used pseudonyms - which makes this a movie filled with Alan Smithees.

I don't know why they would want to distance themselves from this film, however, since it is great. My copy was on an old VHS tape, so it wasn't the greatest condition, but it still held me in suspense.

The plot is this: Dr. Hartford (Dooling) is, of course, a mad scientist who seeks to combine science with magic. To this end, he tries to create a "tulpa man" using what looks like the remains of an interocitor from This Island Earth and a spell from the Necronomicon. He succeeds in creating a tulpa, but his creation (also played by Dooling) ends up half-finished, without a face, and kills Hartford. From here, the movie goes off an a sort of weird tangent, where the "slender man" stalks several characters, including Hartford's wife and children. We see him eventually abducting them, but we don't see where he took them or what he did with them. It gives the whole thing a very creepy vibe. And then, at the end (SPOILERS), the whole movie goes insane and the "slender man" opens what looks like a portal where other beings like him enter into the world, as probably a hook for a bunch of sequels.

The studio who made this, "Horma," I can't seem to find anything about on the internet. From the accents in the film, they might have been a small British company, probably trying to capitalize on the Hammer Horror films.

The movie, though strange and incredibly disturbing at times, is great. If you can find it, I recommend watching it.

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